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standing up to intolerance

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 11, 2012, 4:56 AM
hey guys,

i have an odd request. so i know a lot's going on in the world right now. a lot of violence and injustice. and i think it's important to stand against intolerance in all its forms.

in case you haven't heard, an american department store, jc penney, has hired comedienne, ellen degeneres, as their spokesperson. a right-wing conservative organization called one million moms, has aggressively insisted that jcp reconsider. the reason for their objection? ellen degeneres is gay.

if this organization can't handle ellen in the occasional commercial spot, it's likely they haven't caught her show. which is a shame because if they did, they'd quickly learn that ellen is one of the most kind-hearted and generous women out there. to quote someone's comment, "picking on ellen is like punching a puppy in the face."

i know these right-wing fanatics have been around for a while, but i always felt they were just fringe groups that no one took seriously. lately though, they're having more sway, and it concerns me. you see, there is another ultra-conservative group called florida family association. this organization has succeeded in intimidating many financial sponsors to back out of programming they felt threatened their "traditional ideologies." one such program they objected to is the learning channel's "all-american muslim."

the goal of this show is to quell the islamo-phobia so rampant in the states by following muslim families of deerborn, michigan during their everyday lives. their hope is to dispel stereotypes by showing how these families deal with a lot of the same issues we do, while raising awareness of the discrimination they face. however ffa voiced their skepticism with this statement: "The show profiles only Muslims that appear to be ordinary folks while excluding many Islamic believers whose agenda poses a clear and present danger to liberties and traditional values that the majority of Americans cherish." what ffa fails to realize is that the reason this show exists is because many americans already hold these xenophobic views. it's time to educate the public that there are muslims that do not jive with these preconceived notions.

in order to discourage funding for this program, ffa pressured lowe's home improvement store to withdraw their advertisement while it aired. sadly, lowe's acquiesced. i was outraged that a corporation would bend to these nutjobs. and i was outraged that someone would have the audacity to intimidate a company for supporting a show that discouraged prejudice. but that's all i felt i could do, be outraged. a friend did post a petition on her facebook page to repudiate lowe's action, which garnered over 43,000 signatures. i signed this petition and posted it on my wall. that's about it.

the success ffa experienced encourages other ultra right-wing groups to bully businesses as well. which brings me back to ellen. i was so disappointed with lowe's, but i am proud that jc penney did not give into omm's aggressive campaign. they stuck by ellen. so to show our collective support for jcp's decision, ellen fans, gay-rights supporters, and ppl who generally disprove of threats and intimidation, liked a facebook page that was created to support ellen and jcp. in just two day's this page received over 130,000 likes! meanwhile, one million mom's page has a little over 43K. ppl are vowing to shop at jcp more often, even assigning sunday as a shop-in day to show their solidarity. there are also fans from other parts of the world. so far, i've seen support from the uk, denmark, spain, and australia.

which brings me to my next point. i plan on doing more in this situation simply because i've had enough of these ultra-conservative groups getting their way. i plan on attending the shop-in and spreading the word. that's where you guys come in. 130K is a lot for two days, but we have ways to go. that is why we're encouraging our international friends to help, especially during the time we get our zzzs :) . why bother when we're so far ahead in the lead? to quote a few more comments, "it's not a popularity contest. It's about human rights." "People around the world stand up against hatred... spread the word that hate will no longer be tolerated."

i've attached the segment of the show ellen informs viewers of her predicament. witness her awesomeness :)…

and lastly, here is the facebook page, "1 million ppl who support ellen for JCP." if you believe in this cause, kindly like and forward to your friends. we'd really appreciate the help!…

thanks everyone!

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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 16, 2011, 11:16 AM
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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 6, 2011, 3:40 PM
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Journal Entry: Mon Jan 31, 2011, 7:42 PM
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view points

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 25, 2010, 6:12 PM
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merry christmas everyone :D

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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 28, 2010, 6:18 PM
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nature feature

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 16, 2010, 10:16 PM
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become a gear

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 22, 2010, 6:49 PM
so rumor has it that metalocalypse is about to start soon (27th). there aren't many shows that i follow so fervently.. that's not true. i pretty much watch everything on usa (except wwe. or ncis). but this show sticks out above the rest. burn notice is pretty high up there too. ANYhoo, just thought i'd do a little feature of some fanart for my fellow metalocalypse fans. and who knows, it may inspire the rest of yous to get sucked into the darkness that is dethklok :lol:

M- In the Dark by Oune :thumb96649644:

Mature Content

...Brutal... by rmerry
:thumb41091214: The Metalocalypse Has Begun by Cronofiend Sumerian Artifacts Dethcupcake by pirateking42 Dethklok II by GrungeIndiani Dethklok by GrungeIndiani anyone else feeling hungry? by ligea DethJump by Yukari-of-Konoha Song idea by Hallokatzchen by FilthyJinx :thumb94475143: Nathan Explosion from Dethklok by AnnaKlava Nathan in pen by JeccaMD :thumb92480048: :thumb91795396: Pickles Hatredcopter 2 by szuoi :thumb134579196: nice cold one by nymi .ashtray. by uppertorso S'n'B Pickles by JeccaMD :thumb150470748: Pickles - by uppertorso SnB pickles by indigodiva20 .yardwolf. by uppertorso before the reckoning by 021 :thumb151372434: iSkwiss by halobender   Second Fastest by jao Will Work for Guitar Lessons by snartha :thumb154412953: :thumb92009658: William ChocolateFace by pirateking42 Young Murderface by JeccaMD :thumb96376993: Dethklok: Fear and Loathing by Sp00kySqueek +Dethharmonic+ by vashperado .rehersal. by uppertorso Home by snartha Owned by bluendmikki Strangers Have The Best Candy by lady-nephthys :thumb158899921: Not where HE keeps them by murderofonerose Man Behind the Metal II by 8000-o-clock :thumb97643378: Gear by rmerry Bleach-Drinking Shot Glasses by Kivios Toki's Teddy Bear by moonwing-pamela change of roles by GrungeIndiani Chocolate Deth Logo by pirateking42 Gear Brand Deth Cookies by pirateking42 Birthday Dethday cake by ryukuku :thumb144688813: validation by tomhoshino

Mature Content

Come to me... by The-Thrashy-One
:thumb157893967: Mustakrakish Chocolate Troll by pirateking42 Awaken Mustakrakish by Raenyras Klokateer 773 by ItaniMajere 57 heaven  -for snartha by indigodiva20 The Brothers Jomfru by snartha :thumb160630095: K-k-k-creepy K-k-k-clown by GrungeIndiani SDCC09 - Rockso's Dancer 01 by illiara Lavona Succuboso 01 by illiara by uppertorso Dethklok by StevenJamesMorris Black Fire Upon Us by Powers05 :thumb144483560:

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i wanna play too..

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 20, 2010, 8:37 PM

stolen from :iconlibrary-fairy:

although there are more pressing matters i should be taking care of right now, i figure what's the harm in sharing my appreciation for music? *ehem*

so let's play a game:
Step 1 : Put your music on shuffle.
Step 2: write the chorus or first line from the first 10 songs that play.
Step 3: I'll put the title and your username in place of the lyrics when guessed correctly
Step 4: You cannot look them up on any type of search engine!

aand go!
1. symmetry - dethklok :iconpirateking42:
2. save tonight - eagle eye cherry :iconpatrick-brian:
3. A woman on the radio talks about revolution, when it‘s already passed her by.
4. bohemian raphsody - queen :iconpirateking42:
5. let’s get it crunk, we gon’ have fun up on in this dancery
6. You're no exception to the rule, I'm irresistible, you fool.. give in.
7. she drives me crazy - fine young cannibals :iconlibrary-fairy:
8. A little bag of cocaine, a little bag of cocaine - so who’s the girl wearing my dress?
9. Liquid is in your throat, For hopeless delight.
10. fortunate son - creedence clearwater revival :iconpatrick-brian:

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BlacknWhiteAddicts Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 1, 2010, 3:42 PM
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feature for another group i'm in. check 'em out if you like what you see..

weirdo by PaLiAnCHo Sirince1 by ouzouzouz station man by themode :thumb117256736: Kippford: low tide by Coigach :thumb135033051: Paired. by GospodarSamoce :thumb127305548: Living in a Box by Val-Faustino Hysteria II by Laama-Harakas Esthetic Man by I-am-Avalon Sand Dunes by Nirka Perpetuity by autormali Cookie in Gray by BarflyDance Tokyo By Night 02 by Bestarns Gate to Beyazit by Masisus 10- I Love The Rain by salihagir :thumb158576584: Vanishing I by Klek Memories of the past by WiciaQ :thumb142416533: icyU by the35mmstudio Camera 1 by Whosyerdanny :thumb159279159: ..venezia V.. by roblfc1892 :thumb93806981: I Was Lost.. by nool2i The death factory by Yeoman2b . by LesEssences ..profile.. by roblfc1892 :thumb159396627: no, we are not cold by ssuunnddeeww wings by ssuunnddeeww :thumb118505513: b       o      a       t by BOsKiKroKodyL fetus by gothicgemini :thumb159632694: Big Brother by EagleXDV Everyday reflections by dimitarmisev Body II by GrapixD3 :thumb94382461: bw guitar 2 by podobny De doedes tjern by HansRichardPedersen :thumb142952768: moonlight by PaLiAnCHo Desintegration by artofinvi Czasss 930 by MichalTokarczuk 4121 by spartakustum :thumb158696026: :thumb159245781: walking in the rain by Catliv Corbillard. by Sirxlem All is Calm by q-118 reflection by bora Shining by sekhmet-neseret Gatehouse Station: viaduct1 by Coigach sweet shoes by miss-jae :thumb139954167: Save me from myself by SpellboundMisfits :thumb152685378: Looking into the abyss by WojciechDziadosz all those years by keinziel :thumb160484211: Killing an Addiction by Daedrus Road to eternity by chupadnb wild by PaLiAnCHo :thumb160683447: PeekaBoo by eDamak intersect by Y0R1CK :thumb151948460: :thumb118129203: Black cat by Juchise


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a feature for slawgolem

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 10, 2010, 5:01 PM
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hey guys. ever found a deviant with an awesome gallery, yet what fascinated you most was how little exposure s/he received? to me, slawgolem is one of those deviants. i don't mean to sound like a pageview whore, but let's face it.. more views increases chances for faves and feedback, which in turn gives us the encouragement to continue what we're doing. that's the way i see it, at least.

Slawomir makes his images out of natural materials such as twigs and leaves, and paper pulp. to obtain the colors you find in his deviations, he uses colored paper napkins. lol i dunno, i happen to find all of this interesting and quite crafty =P . and so, without further ado, here are some of my favorite images belonging to slawgolem:

bouquet V by slawgolem bouquet VI by slawgolem bouquet VII by slawgolem Flowers VI by slawgolem Church on the hill by slawgolem Church on the hill II by slawgolem winter IV by slawgolem Las Palmas by slawgolem bouquet by slawgolem the bouquet of grasses by slawgolem Treas and the sunset II by slawgolem The sunset II by slawgolem The road and the sunset by slawgolem

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photo europe feature

Journal Entry: Mon May 31, 2010, 9:24 PM
hey guys. here are some of my favorite shots from the group, photo europe. check 'em out if you like what you see :)

tenement by vahu NEMO by Y0R1CK The Hook HDR by xeneras Gy'o'r by morpheus880223 :thumb156166249: :thumb155590874: O Connell Street Dublin HDR by superflyninja Old City of Warsaw I by Leon13th Streets of Berlin by bananna-s Vespertine Amsterdam by Ondro Time by DianaCretu Tromso Harbour II by Ondro :thumb146626952: Norway.3: Trondheim by CrLT The London Eye by Risii Odessa Sea Port by andrewf London Impression III by Madrigal-Moonlight Natural History Museum by Airoy :thumb156178956: Magic night by Jurnov

chita =P

(ps. just thought i'd add a few more)

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happy mother's day

Journal Entry: Sun May 9, 2010, 11:02 AM
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so i've decided to feature my favorite collection of flowers in honor of mother's day. thaat's right. i also collect photos of non-wayward kitties:

:thumb151243317: :thumb151924431: the Magic of Colors . ... by light-from-Emirates :thumb154616681: Awake by kkuffnerphotos Delicacy by Nikki-vdp fire by ivadesign 4592 by KariLiimatainen Forget me not - 2 by anjali flowers by domatescilek .: Changes Are Good :. by zZToraZz :thumb155469443: :thumb155476961: :thumb157330511: bloom in doom by f-i-g-m-e-n-t A little piece of heaven by WhiteBook :thumb156168244: . r a d i a n c e . by mistandsparkles one in a million by Rona-Keller 8 of March by dev1n .: delicate :. by all17 :thumb156794350: About summer, Honey by Oer-Wout :thumb154466146: 10000 views by XanaduPhotography Pink Pieris Japonica by EdwardCullenLover101 :: Botteled beauty :: by Liek :thumb143792665: Beauty by abicarrot Wall Flower by Zombie-Kitteh888 Phalaenopsis by OHinaO Amaryllis by Nazareanu iris.christchurch by yatu-ex Flower power. by allywokini the red beauty by imasyon the hustling one by imasyon :thumb158282451: Narcissus by xuvi Pure by xuvi Forget-me-not For You by skarzynscy .: Perfect :. by zZToraZz   Still life 02 by Stilfoto Wonders by juanfox94

happy mother's day everyone!

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say hello to orion11b!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 6, 2010, 12:41 AM
hey guys!

so i finally convinced my brother-in-law, who's a bit of a recreational nature photographer, to join dA last week. huskie's already uploaded several amazing shots, as shown below:

ADK Giant by Orion11b ADK Big Slide Epic by Orion11b ADK Sunset on the High Peaks by Orion11b
Lake George from Tongue Mt by Orion11b ADK Mushroom by Orion11b The Little Hoosick, under the by Orion11b
ADK Algonquin by Orion11b